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TCM International Tool Consulting & Management

TOOL DATA MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY SOLUTION TCM TMS Software simplifies your CNC manufacturing workflow, improves throughput, and lowers production costs. Benefits come from shorter programming and machine setup times, reduced tool variety and stock levels, and working in a transparent organization with a fully integrated CNC archive for all your machine operation data. Ivan Pozgaj: +43 676 96 13159

Robotics and Automation Marketplace - call for becoming integrator

The mission of RAMP is to give European Manufacturing Companies access to the tools and services they need to deploy a Smart Manufacturing strategy, optimize their resources, lead times and serve more customers. More than 30 integrators have already experimented with RAMP and deployed services in production. RAMP is building a European network of exclusive business partners.  Technology integrators can now join RAMP and leverage on the cloud based digital service to…


Codel’s team combines almost 30 years' experience in manufacturing software development with current best practice in Industry 4.0, Lean management, Smart factories and IIoT to give each customer cost-effective solutions tailored to their individual requirements. Alongside our proprietary Total Production Management smart manufacturing software on our robust and scalable AIDA platform, we are pleased to offer tailored and bespoke solutions. Such works are affordable for not only big…


Company Vanado specializes in development and implementation of systems for smart production management. System Pauk plans, monitors, measures, controls, analyzes and anticipates elements of the manufacturing process in companies from different branches of manufacturing. Vanado's team are mechanical, electrical and computer science engineers, economic experts and graphic designers, who have successfully implemented more than 60 projects in small and medium-sized companies of…


We work with our clients to make better products in a simpler, smarter way using digital solutions. The CADCAM Group has been tackling the biggest challenges of modern industries for 30 years. Whether you struggle with 3D design, product lifecycle, or production optimization, we provide strategies and solutions aimed at building digital organizations.   CADCAM DESIGN CENTAR d.o.o. Stoosova 1, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia +385 1 2016 100   …

Ventex business IT solutions

Ventex is a provider of business IT solutions and support enabling digitalization of companies and organizations. Business solutions and services: VX ERP – integration of ERP business information system that enables the management and monitoring of all business segments. FLEET - Fleet Management system that provides information about your vehicles and drivers, as well as other motorized equipment. The ability to monitor and manage assets and get real-time reports provides users with…

PharmaLogger by Alius Grupa

PharmaLogger is a system for continuous temperature and humidity monitoring in production and distribution chains in pharmaceutical industry. The system is used by everyone in the chain: from production, through transport and storage to the application of a medicine, vaccine or other thermosensitive products. The purpose of Pharmalogger is to secure a complete distribution chain and thus guarantee trust in the product itself, manufacturers and distributors. Alius Grupa Ltd is a company…

The Production Quality Control Platform

The Production Quality Control Platform includes: porting excel quality control forms to a web application module, automatically tasks generating according to a workflow alarms and messages generating and managing, development computer vision models and integration with quality control platform