Robotics and Automation Marketplace - call for becoming integrator

The mission of RAMP is to give European Manufacturing Companies access to the tools and services they need to deploy a Smart Manufacturing strategy, optimize their resources, lead times and serve more customers. More than 30 integrators have already experimented with RAMP and deployed services in production.

RAMP is building a European network of exclusive business partners. 

Technology integrators can now join RAMP and leverage on the cloud based digital service to deliver Industry 4.0 capabilities to their customers. As an approved RAMP integrator, you will get free access to a library of intralogistics components, deploy data visualisation services and build a digital twin in a SaaS model.   

RAMP is collecting expressions of interest from European Integrators in Robotics IoT and Logistics to join the RAMP labelled network.

More information can be found here: RAMP call presentation - BLUMORPHO

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