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TOOL DATA MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY SOLUTION TCM TMS Software simplifies your CNC manufacturing workflow, improves throughput, and lowers production costs. Benefits come from shorter programming and machine setup times, reduced tool variety and stock levels, and working in a transparent organization with a fully integrated CNC archive for all your machine operation data. Ivan Pozgaj: +43 676 96 13159

Boosting digital transformation - Final Conference of the Boost4BSO project

Digitalization is deeply affecting all industry sectors as the driver of product, service and business innovation, but also as the threat to organizations which are reluctant to change or not keeping pace with the evolving environment. Many Central European production companies are urgently searching for guidance and support to master the transformation towards Industry 4.0. These trends are not challenging only for the companies, but also for the business support organizations in need to…

Webinar: Servitization – transformation of products into services as digitalization enabler

Servitization is a process of creation of new services that are based on existing products already offered by a company. This eventually leads to improving the offering by adding additional services to existing product (product-service systems) or even replacing the product with an innovative service. Also, servitization fosters digitalization of manufacturing SMEs by creating new revenue streams based on digitalized products and maximizes the potential of the Industry 4.0 infrastructure. …