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Online Seminar: Service Performance Monitor – Your way to achieve service excellence

Due to the more competitive environment, manufacturing companies need to complement their offerings with industrial, knowledge-based services. To successfully develop, produce and market these, organizational changes throughout the company and the measurement of this development are necessary. Therefore, in the scope of the Interreg CE project ProsperAMnet, the Industrial Service Excellence Monitor has been developed - a tool that helps companies determine their current situation and derive…

Online Seminar: Service Export Radar – An AI based market research tool

The Service Export Radar is a cutting-edge, artificially intelligent solution to assist advanced manufacturers in their decision-making process regarding their service export into new markets abroad. Especially the time-consuming market research process before any entry into a new market is facilitated. With the help of artificial intelligence, specific information will be collected automatically, and the radar can be used for three different reasons: Use case #1: Search for similar…

Wolfgang Steiner/Business Upper Austria

We kindly invite you to test the prosperAMnet Service-Export RADAR.  Service is very important for advanced manufacturers but they are not allways as fast as the product they relate to when exported. The RADAR helps you to find out who are your competitors in new markets when Service will come to be exported.  Even more you can find out what competitors promote different to you.  The tool is AI based and makes it possible to get results within a few minutes - and the…
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