Ventex business IT solutions

Ventex is a provider of business IT solutions and support enabling digitalization of companies and organizations.

Business solutions and services:

VX ERP – integration of ERP business information system that enables the management and monitoring of all business segments.

FLEET - Fleet Management system that provides information about your vehicles and drivers, as well as other motorized equipment. The ability to monitor and manage assets and get real-time reports provides users with high-quality asset management, better efficiency and enables overall cost reduction.

VX CARE – based on GSM/GPRS/GPS device, the solution is allowing monitoring the movement of children, elderly and persons with special needs with the accompanying accident assistance, thus ensuring their safety.

FixIT - FixIT is the Ventex's newest software solution developed on the globally recognized platform for remote computer systems and equipment management (MITS), allowing 24/7 system monitoring and proactive management of all key IT services, which ensures system stability and enables companies to focus entirely on their work.


Address: Dražice 123c, 51000 Rijeka


Phone: +385 (51) 659 300

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